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Timely care is the most important factor in orthopaedics and the Department of Orthopaedics at EastCoast does that. From Complex procedures such as Total Knee Replacement to Total Hip Replacement, fractures to osteoporosis to cervical disc prolapsed, ortho surgeons at Eastcoast use the latest medical procedures and cutting edge technology to care for the patients.

Eastcoast orthopaedics comprises of internationally reputes surgeons with vast experience performing various complex procedures; the Physiotherapy department backs the centre for orthopaedics with highly qualified therapists.

Apart from normal ortho surgery we are specialized in Signature Knee Replacement Surgery a Custom Total Knee Replacement. At Eastcoast we do signature knee replacement which makes the patients feel perfect and natural like normal knee.

Traditional Total knee replacement may use instruments placed inside the thigh or shin bone to assist with alignment and positioning. The Signature alignment guides are placed not within the bone canals but directly on the outside of the bone, potentially allowing a less invasive procedure.

Patients may therefore benefit from reduced blood loss and complications such as fat embolisms minimising their stay in hospital and increasing their rate of recovery. Dr.Ilango is a Specialist Surgeon with awesome experience in SIGNATURE KNEE REPLACEMENT.


  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Tibia Planting and Nailing
  • Femur Planting and Nailing
  • Ns
  • DHS
  • Artroscopy & arthroscopic surgery
  • Surgery for Lumbar disc prolapsed


  • 24 hrs trauma care facility
  • Well equipped Ambulance service
  • External fixation of fractures with hitech CArm image intensifier and Arthroscopy

Orthopaedic Team

Dr.Aravind Kalamegam 
Dr.Boblee James 
Dr.Sanjay K. Pal